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Jean-Luc Trepanier [userpic]

Well Gang, it was nice posting from time to time but it's time to go.
Have fun and pass by my LJ from tie to time.


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Jean-Luc Trepanier [userpic]

This is the first post of the new year. Hello everyone. Wishing everyone all the best.

Jean-Luc Trepanier [userpic]

I was going through the gang's LJs and I just realized that we are 2 guys and apart from one I'm pretty sure I'm the oldest :P thats wierd cause I'm usualy the youngest. It's not fair! :P I don't want to be the only one that was born before '80 :P lolll

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Jean-Luc Trepanier [userpic]

I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Xmas, a Happy NewYearsEve and Merry MorningAfters in the new year :D *Big Grin*

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Jean-Luc Trepanier [userpic]

Anyone still come by this group? Everyone gone to hybernate?

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Jean-Luc Trepanier [userpic]

So Halloween has come and gone. Hope everyone had fun, I know I did :).
So how is everyone doing?

Jean-Luc Trepanier [userpic]

So any have interesting plans?

Pour ceux qui sont allés à l'exposition japonaise samedi passé...comment c'était? Est-ce que ca vaut la peine?


to those who went to the japanese exhibit last saturday... how was it? was it worth it?

Avec quelques amis, j'irai à l'Auberge du Dragon Rouge pour souper le samedi 14 octobre. On ne peut pas faire de réservation, et c'est "premier arrivé, premier servi". Les portes ouvrent à 4h30pm, et puisque c'est un endroit bien populaire, il faut arriver un peu d'avance pour faire la file.

Site web du resto:

Si vous décider de vous joindre à nous, ben...on pourra faire connaissance ^^

A bientôt peut-être!

relyss [userpic]

Hello everyone,

Val here! I bring you confirmation for tomorrow's activity.

Here's the info:

When: Saturday, Sept. 30th 3:30pm~ish.
Where: Vieux Port
What: Japan exhibit @ Pointe-à-Callière
(6,50$ for students & 12$ for others )

Meet up at 3:15/3:30 PM at Place-D'Armes station (Orange line)

The museum closes at 5:00 PM, so it gives us 1h30 to visit the exhibition and the other stuff we have access to.

Walk around Vieux Montréal/Vieux Port since the weather should be nice, and then...

Dinner at a nearby restaurant to be picked on the spot, but if you have any suggestion (still), please comment :)

People who RSVP'ed:

Simon - ? (I'll email him about it!)
Richard - ?
Alex - maybe
Francis - ?
Enki - maybe (sorry >_< go check the other post, I replied to you)

Thank you !

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