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February 2007
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Jean-Luc Trepanier [userpic]

Anyone still come by this group? Everyone gone to hybernate?

Current Mood: confusedconfused

maybe there's just LESS to do in Montreal at this time of the year? ^^;

We live!

I just haven't been around much to plan the outings, so I guess I'm kinda guilty too.

I'd love to have another activity in December, but I don't know how that would work, with the holidays and all.

I'm open to suggestions!

How about going down hill skiing to a local mountain or even doing some crosscountry on the Mont Royal. We could get a potlock organized also at someone's place. Or maybe a Murding Mystery evening on a weekend.

Well thoes are my ideals, any others?

I just found it strange that no one posts conversation subjects on here neather.

These 2 cents were brought to you by,

JL (aka Dorthleus)