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キャスリン [userpic]

Well, this is our last chance for a September activity, so here's my suggestion.

When: Saturday, Sept. 30th 4:30pm~ish
Where: Vieux Port

Japan exhibit @ Pointe-à-Callière (6,50$ for students & 12$ for others - I think that also gives us access to their permanent exhibit which is supposed to be pretty good) followed by...

walk around Vieux Montréal/Vieux Port while the weather still sort of allows it and then...

dinner at a nearby restaurant to be picked on the spot

RSVP and feel free to speak up if you have suggestions :)

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Jean-Luc Trepanier [userpic]

So it's now September 13th and I was wondering if all went well for your activities you had planned for the begining of the month. Personnally I started the month by quiting my job :-P heh heh heh

For me it was great fun. A big release of stress and depression that was brought in by the job in question.

Well here is hope to read some replies.


Jean-Luc Trepanier [userpic]

Hi gang, being new to the group just want to say hi and post a first message.

キャスリン [userpic]

Hello boys and girls,

Time to discuss our very first activity :D

I think it would be doable to plan it sometime before the end of September

Holidays in September: Sept. 4th, Labour Day

- Jardins botaniques
- Bilboquet
- Japan Artifact Exhibition @ Pointe à Callière

Availabilities: (availabilities will be compiled here for reference)

Please don't forget to take a look at the guidelines when making a suggestion to make sure you include all important information.

Discuss away!

キャスリン [userpic]

Guidelines for this community - the shorter and pretty much final version:

Everything concerning group outings: the posts will be made by a maintainer

1) There will be one post made so that people can comment to give suggestions for the next outing and discuss what they would like to do and when they are free. We can include polls if necessary.

When giving suggestions please include important information like:
- price range
- dress code if any
- if it's accessible by public transport
- any other things that you think people should absolutely know

2) Once a place and time has been decided, a maintainer will post a confirmation of the activity to which people should RSVP in a comment

3) After the activity, a maintainer will post a mini recap of the activity, and people can leave a review as a comment. Please start your comment with a YES or NO to the question: "Would you do this activity again?". Then, on a separate line, feel free to share your thoughts with everybody else.

Everything else

Try to keep posts relevant to the purpose of the community as much as possible. Here's a few examples of things that could be posted (I hate templates so I will not ask anyone to use them when posting, but I will suggest some things that are important to mention)

- Introducing yourself to other people in the community if you'd like. Things that can be interesting to mention:
- where you live
- where you usually hang out
- what languages you speak
- what your hobbies and interests are
- if you know anybody from the community

- Making recommendations or asking for recommendations for activities that don't necessarily concern the group activities

- Posting pictures of group activities, or of places you've been to and think it might be interesting to others (try to keep picture heavy posts under LJ-cuts if possible)

- Any other questions or comments relevant to the community

Everytime you make a post, please try to tag it as accurately as possible so that we can find it easily afterwards. Another post with a list of tags to use will be posted soon. But of course, if you think a tag should exist and doesn't, feel free to suggest it!

That's it! Enjoy! :D

キャスリン [userpic]

Bonjour bonjour :D

Here's what I thought could be our "guidelines" of sorts for the community. If you guys would like to discuss, go nuts. I really don't want to start with crazy nazi rules, I just want things to be sort of organized so that the community actually serves a purpose (which is sadly not spamming everybody with naked pictures of Massu, but rather have a mini kind of database of things to do).

So here's how I thought it could go

Every month (or whatever period of time we decide on) we plan one or many little group things where we go out and do something new. When that happens, I think it would be good if it was always the same person (or a designated group of 2-3 people) that posted the info. Here's what I had in mind (for now I'll assume I'm the only maintainer, but if anybody wants to help out, yay :D)

The maintaner(s) post:

1) Where we're going and when - we can add polls or what not to make it easier. Everybody comments in the same post, gives suggestions, gives their availabilities, etc.

I don't think it's necessary to have a format to post your suggestions, but I think we should agree on a few important things that we should remember to mention such as:
- Price Range
- Where is it and is it easily accessible by public transport?
- Is there a dress code?
- Any very obviously important things to mention (ie. there are male strippers in this bar)

2) Confirmation - a post with the date, time and place so that nobody's confused. People can then RSVP by commenting.

3) Review - a post that the maintainer(s) make after the activity, where everybody can leave a comment to say what they thought about the place. Maybe we can include a little poll in there too. That way if we do something and everybody says "Hurray Hurray let's go back!", we can keep it for further references, and if everybody says "I puked when I got home" we'll know never to recommend that restaurant to anyone (unless we hate them)

Again, I don't think it's necessary to have a format, I think maybe we could start our comment saying if we would go back again (only with a Yes or No with a very short comment if necessary) and then on a separate line we can write a little review. That way if you scroll down without reading all the reviews in detail, you can still get a good idea of whether the activity in question was good or not.

As for everything else, here's what I think should belong here that anyone can post

- If new people join, they should introduce themselves
- Making or asking for recommendations that don't necessarily concern the group activity (ie you've got a friend from out of town who's coming over and you want to take him/her bowling, what's the best place? or you got off at the wrong bus stop the other day and just happened to stumble over a store that sells the most awesome lampshades and you wanted to share it with the world. Whatever :))
- Posting pictures of our outings
- Questions or comments that are relevant to this community (that means no Hugo hentai)

Last thing - tags! I think it's the easiest way to track down all of our stuff. I think we should agree on a list of set tags to use like:

Types of activities:
- Bar
- Restaurant/café
- Sports
- Outdoors
- Museum
- Shopping
- Don't know what name we could give it but stuff like bowling or pool that don't exactly fit under sports
- Other

List of neighborhoods:
(insert list of mtl neighborhoods here)

Price range:
- Free
- less than 10$
- 10-20$
- 20$-30$
- 30$-40$
- more than 40$
(or something remotely like that)

and whatever else we come up with. I'll use the memories too for some things (we'll work it out as we go along)

This is already long enough, so I'll leave it at that for now. Tell me what you think :)

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